Can Can Original


Size: Price Per Yard (RS-155)

Price Per Yard (RS-155)
Inner for Lehanga/Maxi (low flare) (2.5 Yards)
Inner for Lehanga/Maxi High flare) (3.5 Yards)

Product Details:
Product Name:  Can Can Original
Width: 55 Inches
Fabric Category: premium +
Dyeable: Yes (This fabric is easily dyeable in any color, and you can have it dyed by a nearby dyer.)
After Dye Look: Slight Shiny look
Fabric Transparency: See-Through
Shrinkage Margin: 1.5 - 2 inches per yard (If you dye a 6-yard suit piece, it will become 5.6 yards after dyeing. Please note that the length will shrink, while the width remains the same.)
Fabric Capacity: Suitable for Heavy Embroidery & Stone work
Product Features: Flawless Finish, Eco-Friendly Nature, Smooth Resistance
Breathable Fabric : Yes
Usage: Recomended for inner to make flare

Dyeing Options:
We offer dyeing facilities. Simply send a WhatsApp +923350994483 message with a picture of your desired color, and the rest will be taken care of by us.
Dyeing Charges: RS 75 per yard

For bulk buying Brands / Botiques : Please contact us on WhatsApp +923318994483 and +923340994483. We will guide you further with samples and super wholesale factory prices

          Additional Information

          Price Per Yard (RS-155), Inner for Lehanga/Maxi (low flare) (2.5 Yards), Inner for Lehanga/Maxi High flare) (3.5 Yards)