Pure Raw Silk 80 Gram


Size: Price Per Yard (RS-2875)

Price Per Yard (RS-2875)
Blouses (2 Yards)
Trouser (2.5 Yards)
Waistcost (2.5 Yards)
Shirt (3.25 Yards)
Skirt (3.5 Yards)
Kaftan (5 Yards)
Jump Suit 5.5 (Yards)
Abaya (7 Yards)
Anarkali Dresses (7.5 Yards)
Ghagra Cholis (8.5 Yards)
Saree (9 Yards)
Lehanga (9 Yards)

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Pure 80 Gram Raw Silk
  • Product Features: Great Fall Fabric, Breathability, Softness, Smoothness, Durability, Ease of Care, Flawless Finish, Eco-Friendly Nature, Smooth Resistance
  • Breathable: Yes
  • Yarn: 100% Pure Resham Silk. (Fabric Imported from china by WCF)
  • Fabric Category: Luxury
  • Width: 45 Inches
  • Fabric Transparency: Non-See-Through 
  • Dyeable: Yes ( Easily dyeable in any color, and you can have it dyed by a nearby dyer.)
  • After Dye Look: Slight Shinny look
  • Shrinkage Margin: 1.5 - 2 inch per Yard  (If you dye a 6-yard suit piece, it will become 5.6 yards after dyeing. Please note that the length will shrink, while the width remains the same.)
  • Fabric Capacity: Suitable for Heavy Embroidery & Stone work

Ideal for Shirts, Trouser Patchwork, Blouses, Waistcoats, Shararas, Bridal Wear, Ghagaras, Sarees, Evening Wear, High Fashion Dresses, and Various Garments and Skirts Etc

Dyeing Options:
We offer dyeing facilities. Simply send a WhatsApp +923350994483 message with a picture of your desired color, and the rest will be taken care of by us.
Dyeing Charges: RS 75 per yard

For Bulk Buying Brands / Boutiques : 
Please contact us on WhatsApp +923318994483 and +923340994483. We will guide you further.

Additional Information

Price Per Yard (RS-2875), Blouses (2 Yards), Trouser (2.5 Yards), Waistcost (2.5 Yards), Shirt (3.25 Yards), Skirt (3.5 Yards), Kaftan (5 Yards), Jump Suit 5.5 (Yards), Abaya (7 Yards), Anarkali Dresses (7.5 Yards), Ghagra Cholis (8.5 Yards), Saree (9 Yards), Lehanga (9 Yards)