Cotton Vs. Linen Fabric In Summers

Cotton Vs. Linen Fabric In Summers

Cotton is a soft, light, and breathable fabric. Cotton fabric is one of the most used fabrics all over the world. The garment made of cotton fabric has a graceful and elegant look. It has a subtle structured texture used to make dress shirts and formal outfits. The use of cotton is as old as human history. It never made it to the limelight like silk fabric, however, the importance of cotton fabric as a daily staple can never be denied. It is a breathable inexpendable fabric for summer. The heat retention and moisture-wicking properties of cotton fabric make it suitable for the hot season. The usage of cotton fabric is vast in daily life and in the medical field too. In Pakistan, you can buy cotton fabric online from White Center Fabrics which is which is a base fabric supplier. Our premium cotton fabric is a good quality and dyeable fabric.

History of cotton fabric:

The use of cotton fabric traces back to The Indus Valley civilization which constitutes Indian subcontinent region. Chinese were busy with the production and import of silk fabric at that time, therefore, cotton was not a major traded fabric in those times. However, after the arrival of Islam in the subcontinent cotton also began imported to European regions. Europe started to manufacture cotton on a large scale, however, the origins of cotton remain in the subcontinent region. These days cotton fabrics are available in an affordable range at pure cotton fabric distributor stores. You can buy cheap cotton fabric online by visiting White Center Fabric’s website.

Manufacturing of cotton fabric:

Cotton fabric is a plant-based fabric. The flax is extracted from the cotton plant. At first cotton leaves are removed from cotton plants, and it is then sent for cleaning through machine harvesting and ginning. The cleaned fibers are then formed into long strands and go through a spinning process. If the dying is needed the long strands are colored and then woven into different types of base fabrics. Get a full stock of cotton fabric from the wholesale fabric store White Center Fabrics. Our store provides a full stock of pure fabric for boutique as well as factory outlets to create unique dresses, dupattas, or bedsheets.

Moreover, we also provide cotton net fabric that is made through cotton. Our expertise lies in manufacturing pure base fabric. Buy cotton net fabric for summer or get a cotton net fabric price for your new project.

Uses of cotton fabric:

Cotton is extensively used in making t-shirts, full-length suits, and formal dresses. The elegant formal wear crafted from cotton fabric is available in different brands, considered the best-wearing fabric in Pakistan and India. Various brands can buy cotton material online for tie and die dresses and creative projects.

In addition, cotton fabric is also used in bedding, towels, bathrobes, and covers. Cotton fabric is used in decorating homes by making curtains and other embellishment. Cotton has great absorbent properties due to which it is extensively used in bandages.  

Linen Fabric:

Linen fabric is a flax-based fabric. This light breathable fabric is suitable for the summer season.  this fabric is more airy and allows sweat to dry quickly whereas cotton is fabric is more

Linen fabric is a soft cotton-like fabric that is made through the flax of the plant. Linen is a versatile fabric that is useful in summer and winter. Cotton is heat retentive whereas linen is airy which lets the sweat dry quickly. Linen is available in Pakistan in an affordable range of white center fabrics, buy cheap linen fabric online from our website.

History of linen:

Linen was used in the European era however, the ardent process of linen production made it less popular. Linen was common in Egypt due to its hot humid climate. Greeks also used linen to make garments and homewares. Linen fabric is flowy and subtle in its texture. It is usually used to make scarves, skirts, and blouses.

Uses of linen fabric:

The soft texture of linen fabric is suitable for dresses, t-shirts, and vests. The durable linen fabric is also used as a by-product in making jackets. In addition to this, the linen fabric is best for lingerie items due to its smooth and soft feel. The flowy and breathable property of linen makes it best for nightgowns and dressing robes. Linen is also used to decorate homes. Various homewares such as napkins, tables, and kitchen towels are made through linen fabric. It is also used to make bed sheets and pillow covers. Linens are also used as a canvas for painting purposes.


Cotton and linen fabric are both summer-friendly fabrics, however with different characteristics. Cotton is more formal in dresses and has a structured look whereas linen is soft and flowy suitable for gowns. You can choose cotton or linen according to the occasion. You can buy linen fabric online in Pakistan from white center fabrics cotton fabric is also available at affordable prices.