Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Fabric

Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Fabric

Designing a fascinating dress requires a perfect choice of base fabric. Base fabric plays a vital role in making an elegant dress. The intricate designs are carved on the base fabric, if the base fabric does not support the design it will fail to create the desired look. Base fabric is used to structure the dress design whether it is fluffy or flowing. Different fabrics have different textures and qualities such as silk fabric is more flowy whereas organza fabric is used to create shape and volume in a dress. The cotton net fabric for summer improves the texture and patterns of the fabric adding beauty to the dress. Chiffon fabric is flowy and accentuates feminine beauty in a dress. Every fabric has a unique set of characteristics such as net dupatta or khadi dupatta both have different textures and will be styled accordingly. White Center Fabrics is a base fabrics supplier, you can get premium quality fabric from us. Let's explore various base fabrics for different designs and alluring dresses.

Organza Fabric:

Organza fabric is known for its sheer and lucid texture and flowy fabric. Organza fabric made from nylon, polyester, and synthetic fibers has a crisp and subtle texture which is mostly used to make structured dresses. Organza can maintain the shape and provide volume to the dress. Mostly organza fabric is useful to make intricate designs and stylish patterns. The subtle stiffness of organza fabric online in Pakistan makes it best for making ruffle sleeves and voluminous skirts. It is also best for making curtains and other decorative stuff for home adornment. Embroidered organza fabric online can be used in making fancy laces or small flowers for the embellishment of other fabrics. Organza fabric is also used for layering with other fabrics to create luxurious textures and sumptuous hues. Organza fabric can be underlined with other fabrics to create volume to the skirt or gown. The sheen of organza fabric makes it perfect for wedding dresses and evening gowns it can also be layered with other fabrics by overlaying an organza blouse on top of cotton fabric. White Center Fabrics produces different sorts of organza fabric you can buy silk organza fabric online or look for embroidered organza fabric online from our website. The fabric produced is whiter however the fabric is durable with different colors. Our store also provides tie and dye dresses that can be styled with any dupatta. The organza dupatta online in Pakistan is immensely in use with lawn cotton dresses too.

Chiffon Fabric:

Chiffon fabric is a lightweight, sheer, and drapey fabric known for its ethereal beauty. Chiffon due to its creamy texture gives a romantic feel to the fabric. The soft and flowy fabric is useful in designing a versatile range of dresses such as gowns, blouses, scarves, and skirts. The fabric is airy and also useful in hot climates to some extent. Chiffon dress material online shopping gives the option to get the chiffon fabric without traveling. Buy chiffon fabric online from our website to show your creativity on a plain canvas. Chiffon fabric adds a feminine touch to the dress making it more desirable. Chiffon fabric can be embellished with embroidery and sequins to create fancy robes and wedding gowns. Due to its subtle sheerness and softness chiffon fabric can be mixed with other fabrics to create a variety of designs. For example, chiffon fabric can be overlaid on cotton, organza, lawn, or silk fabric to create a more stylish look.

Silk fabric:

Silk is a fabric known for its opulence and luxurious touch. Silk is a natural fiber made through silkworm cocoons. It is well known among designers and fashion companies and it is the most sought-after fabric in the fashion industry. The silk fabric has various qualities such as lustrous and smooth surfaces with flexible yet strong fabric making it durable for a long time. These days silk fabric is available in various forms for example you can buy silk fabric online or buy silk satin fabric online to create an elegant gown for you. This fabric has perfect flow and sheen due to which it is mostly used in making fancy dresses. For evening gowns, wedding dresses, or met gala, silk fabric is everywhere. The luxurious silk fabric will always be in fashion and is easily available at wholesale fabric stores. You can design a whole gown out of silk fabric or make a ribbon out of it it will be perfectly styled in any form. Boutiques or fashion designers can buy raw silk fabric online from white center fabrics.


The choice of the base fabric plays a vital role in carving a dress design. The designers and textile industry are well aware of the importance of the base fabric, therefore the quality base of fabric is essential to bring the designer’s idea to reality. White center fabric offers an opulent base fabric for design and creativity. From cozy lawn fabric to luxurious silk fabric all sorts of fabrics are available at the base fabric supplier.