The Unsung Versatility Of Viscose Fabric

The Unsung Versatility Of Viscose Fabric

Viscose also known as rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric based on natural fibers. It is one of the most popular fabrics in the fashion world after silk due to its silk-like texture and drape. It was created as an alternative to silk fabric as silk is quite expensive whereas viscose fabric is relatively cheap. The viscose fabric is a durable and soft textured textile and one of the most desirable fabrics. Its moisture-wicking properties make it suitable for the hot season as well as suitable for home accessories such as towel making. This fabric is all-weather friendly and used in other industries too. White Center Fabrics is a base fabric supplier that promises to supply a pure form of fabric. Our viscose is made through natural fibers and is plant-based or synthetic. It is created through 90 percent plant-based cellulose. Our viscose is dyable and can be colored into various vibrant colors. We are the best viscose fabric supplier that tends to provide the fabric in bulk quantity.

Manufacturing and history of viscose fabric:

It is a plant-based fabric that was made in the year 1839. It is made through plant or wood fibers. Rayon is called a viscous liquid during the manufacturing process which later through a chemical process converts to sid state fabric. This fabric has similar properties to silk and cotton. The manufacturing process includes cellulose extraction using wood pulp. The quality of fabric depends on the concentration of cellulose extracted. This cellulose is then dissolved in caustic soda to remove impurities and prepare it for the manufacturing process. This alkaline cellulose is then passed by pressing rollers to remove water. It is now converted into pressed sheets called “white sheets”. It is then oxidized and through various chemical procedures, the final result is immersed in sulphuric acid. These fibers are then washed and dried to make a fabric that can be dyed, cut, and form any shape.

This fabric first originated in the 1800s. It was created as a cheap alternative to silk fabric, however, it was so inflammable that it was taken out of the production unit as early as possible. However, the French and German scientists were able to figure out how to make it less inflammable.

These days viscose fabric is made through modern technology and is available at bulk fabric supplier stores. Our fabric wholesale supplier store does business from B to B market. It supplies various garments to other textile industries and boutiques.

Characteristics of viscose fabric:

VIsoce fabric is lightweight and breathable which makes it suitable for hot and humid regions. It is a nonstretch and nonflexible fabric which makes it drape perfectly. Due to its inflexible property, it can maintain its shape perfectly. It is highly absorbent and it is used in making bath robes towels and tablecloths. It has a soft touch and feels smooth on the skin. It is inexpensive and can be blended with other fabrics. However, while buying viscose fabric certain points must be put under consideration such as this fabric can shrink after washing. To avoid any shortfall the fabric must be bought in extra quantity. This fabric is weakened when it is in a wet state, therefore, it must not be wrung to avoid tearing of the fabric. This fabric wrinkles easily so it must be ironed every time you want to wear it. This fabric is sensitive to light exposure, therefore after washing it must be dried in shadow or away from sunlight. Our wholesale fabric store provides soft and drapey viscose in various colors. Get viscose trousers from our touser fabric wholesaler.

Uses of Viscose:

Viscose fabric has properties like cotton fabric. It is breathable and soft like cotton fabric. It has moisture-wicking properties and can absorb water. It is mostly used as an alternative to cotton fabric such as a variety of clothing articles made using viscose/ rayon. The dresses, shirts, and scarves made using viscose are similar to cotton textiles. However, the perfect drape makes a little silk-like feel. The viscose flowing maxi is adorable to wear and watch. Due to its absorbent qualities, it is used in making lingerie and undergarments that feel soft to the skin and keep it dry. Sports leggings and activewear also mix and blend viscose fabric due to its durability and strength. It is suitable for active wear due to its versatile attributes such as being airy, breathable, lightweight, and durable. Moreover, it does not retain heat which gives a cooling sensation during intense workouts or a humid day outside. This fabric is also suitable for the summer season due to its properties.

Visoces has various uses in other industries too where cotton is extensively used. For instance, viscose can be used in various tires and automotive belts. Cotton fibers are also used in bandages where viscose can also be used. Our affordable fabric wholesaler store provides the base fabric of viscose that can be used in various forms.


Originally, it was created as an alternative to silk fabric, however, it has more properties common to cotton fabric. It can substitute silk fabric in some places such as nightgowns, scarves, or shawls. Our quality fabric supplier store, white center fabrics, delivers quality fabric. Visit our website to get in bulk or for individual use.