The Ornamental Allure Of Jacquard Fabric

The Ornamental Allure Of Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard with a rich history plays an important role in fabric weave as well as technological advancement. The jacquard made a major contribution to developing the basis for modern-day computers. The unique pattern known as brocade is the specialty of jacquard fabric. With the silk fabric being imported during the Renaissance period jacquard fabric also started to make its mark with its complex weave and adorable look. Jacquard fabric has a rich history from being a rare fabric to the most commonly used fabric. In Pakistan, Jacquard fabric is manufactured by a wholesale fabric store, White Center Fabrics. Our fabric is of premium quality and carved using modern-day technology. You can buy jacquard fabric online by visiting our website. 

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History of jacquard fabric:

Brocade is a fabric weaving technology that was first time used by Joseph Marie Jacquard. Before the invention of technology brocade was done by hand which was quite time-consuming and painstaking. A lot of people would break their back to make the ornamental jacquard fabric. Therefore, during the Middle Ages brocades were so expensive that only the nobility of elites were able to afford this fabric. It was a symbol of wealth and power. These silk brocades were the epitome of luxury for the rich people of Europe as it was unique and rare. The hand-woven brocade was made by two people, a weaver, and a draw boy. The threads were woven to carve out a pattern in the fabric itself. This was an intense labor to get a finely patterned silk cloth. Joseph Marie started working as a draw boy to make these patterns with silk threads. Jacquard understood the patterns through which threads were woven. He knew that brocades were not a simple machine work every pattern was an artist’s work and it required a program to get it done by machine. So, in 1804 the world’s first programmable loom was introduced. It later became an inspiration for Charles Babbage who made the first computer. Jacquard used punch-hole technology to create patterns in the fabric. The punch card used for weaving jacquard fabric was the origin of the binary code system. In a way, jacquard fabric is just not a fabric it speaks of history woven into threads.

Modern Jacquard:

These days jacquards are made through advanced technology and complex programmed computers, however, the fabric still bears the name of Jacquard in honor of Joseph Marie Jacquard. These days computerized looms are not that rare as they can be easily created using technology it is not rare. These days jacquard fabric is not rare or that expensive, it is now used to decorate homewares such as furniture. Jacquard curtains are heavyweight and are quite appealing with their drape. It is also used as a quilt cover. 

Cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers are the most commonly used fibers to make jacquard. However, it can also be made using wool fiber. White Center Fabric promises you premium quality jacquard fabric as a fabric wholesale supplier. Our fabric is durable and created into new innovative designs.

Properties of Jacquard fabric:

It is a heavy-weight luxury fabric used to make high-end dresses furniture or other household items. Various fibers give different properties to jacquard fabric for example jacquard fabric made through silk fibers is sheer, glossy, and smooth. The jacquard fabric made through the cotton fiber is opaque and dull. Similarly, a jacquard fabric made through wool, linen, and blend fibers has similar properties. The specialty of jacquard textile lies in its way of weaving. The patterns are woven into the fabric itself instead of carving and embroidery on the fabric. This makes it unique and stand out from other fabrics. The jacquard is carefully woven through various techniques such as brocade or damask which makes it beautiful and durable.  The authenticity of the jacquard fabric can be seen through the pattern woven in the fabric. The damask fabric is even reversible. For quality fabric visit our wholesale fabric store.

Care instruction for jacquard fabric:

Jacquard is one of the most strong and durable fabrics which is why it is extensively used in making furniture such as sofa covers, cushion covers, and bedsheets. Its ornamental allure fascinates the onlookers. It still carries the standard of nobility with it. Jacquard fabric can be washed in the machine at 30 degrees Celsius. High temperatures can affect the strength of fibers. It must not be bleached or wrung. The jacquard fabric is to be dried away from sunlight.


Jacquard is an ornamental fabric, it beautifies anything it touches. The furniture, sofa cover, bedsheets and other accessories made using jacquard fabric are elite and noble in their way. Jacquard fabric can be made using various fibers and different techniques. Our store is a base fabric supplier, you can get jacquard in bulk quantity. The utmost care has been taken to provide premium quality fabrics. Buy jacquard fabric online with a single click.